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三浦大知 CHOCOLATE(Produced by Chad Hugo for The Neptunes)
(Contains a sample of me playing keyboard(s) from this video.)

A few years ago I started working on a music video with Max Fullard and Justin Battle.
Max and I finished it yesterday (Nov. 22, 2016). I don't know when it's officially dropping though, so here's a sneak peek.

This is a video I produced for Reptile Tile for their song titled 'White Marble Amethyst'
from their newest release, Hot Tropic, available here:

This is album art & cassette layout I made for a split release titled Old Breeders 666 featuring Lou Breeders, Old Baby, & Values 666.
The BandCamp release and online ordering for the cassette is linked here:

Skateboarder Memes (Website, Facebook, Instagram)

Scum Witch

Denzel Scott - 716-757 Mixtape

Party flyer

Fat Elvis Was The Best Elvis (Richard Perkins)

Denzel Scott - The Summer Tape (Mixtape)


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do lil



VANS x 17th Street - Stealth Low Commercial

Chase Norman - 'Who Da Neighbors' Skateboard Edit

Suburban Living - Video Love (Music Video)

Pharrell Williams & Leland Melvin - NASA & STEM (Promotional/Educational)

Demons - Radical Cure (Music/Skate Video)